Advocate for Sustainable Tourism


We Advocate for Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism refers to kind of tourism that increases the benefits whilst reducing the negative impacts that arise from tourism activities by catering for both the needs of tourists and host destinations while protecting their culture and communities to enhance opportunities for the future of the Business and the Environment.
Tourism has arisen to be a great source of revenue to People around Uganda. In this case both inbound and domestic tourism is expected to increase as multitudes of aspiring travelers get more prosperous. This has attracted most Ugandans and Foreigners to start up tour companies and have a share of these revenues. It is no surprise that every Tour operator in Uganda wants to have a bigger piece of this pie and have set strategies to have more visitors than the competitors.
However the end result is that all stakeholders in the Tourism industry including Tour Operators, Ministry of Tourism and Visitors will turn out to be victims of their own success. Travelers will obviously arrive in large numbers travel to almost the same locations, resulting into issues such as over-tourism, cultural adulteration, increasing stress on wildlife and growing dissatisfaction from the local residents.
Although tourism can be a heaven of revenue to the tour operators, it is often at times hell to the local communities and destinations visited since less than 10% of the money tourist spend remains in those destinations they visit.
After acknowledging that the narrow focus on increasing numbers is a problem and creates issues and negative effects that diminish the quality (and value) of the experience for travelers, the environment and host communities alike, Cheetah Safaris Uganda here comes in to address such issues to ensure that the benefits of tourism are realized by all stakeholders through its inclusive approach and collaboration between public sectors, the tourists and the host communities.
In a bid to implement and ensure that all our clients follow our Sustainable Tourism principles, we have developed the following strategies;
Buying Local:
We encourage our travelers to buy crafts from the local host communities, this is mainly to support the local people and change their mindset towards tourism. This practice encourages them to work even harder in protecting these tourist attractions.

Planting Trees:
We have made it a habit to persuade all our clients to plant at least one tree in the communities that we visit considering that much forest cover is destroyed to make these destinations accessible, ignoring the fact that these same tress are home to some of the wildlife that we visit.

Community Involvement:
Cheetah Safaris Uganda works hand in hand with the community to ensure that they all share the big piece of cake from the tourism sector. No much wonder all staff is Indigenous Ugandans who are well facilitated and equipped with enough knowledge on practicing Tourism Sustainability principles.

Plastic free Travel:
In a bid to do away with plastic waste, we offer our clients Re-usable drinking water bottles. By this we have tried to eliminate the amount of plastic bottles that we would use for example on a single trip of 14 days one person would consume approximately 28 bottles of water, this waste has reduced drastically since we now carry one big bottle that will be filled overtime throughout the entire trip.

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