9 Days Rwenzori Mountaineering Tour (CSU-091)

rwenzoriThe Rwenzori Horst are the 3rd largest mountain on the continent. It lies in the dramatic context of the Atbertine Rift valley floor, rising over 5111m above sea level and it has six peaks. Mt. Stanley, Mt. Luigi di Savoia.
These ranges are contiguous and shared between Uganda and DR Congo. The highest peak is Margherita on Mt. Stanley. The Rwenzoris are impressively long, 120 kilometers and 50 kilometers wide; variously with clear vegetation zones and are snow capped. “ Snow at the Equator”.

The central circuit is a 9 day hike effort starting from the village of Nyakalengijja, along the central Mubuku river valley. This river gashes swiftly from the melting glaciers.
The circuit passes through 4 different vegetation zones; the forest zone, the Bamboo zone, the Ericaceous belt the Heath and with altitude difference of 2800 m or 3500 m when on the Margherita peak. You will be guided gradually to overcome the mountain sickness that comes due to gain in altitude as you acclimatize. The Rwenzori Mountaineering services organize the Hiking, providing porters and professional guides. Up to 25 kg per person can be carried, porter services can be arranged. Huts along the circuits are basic providing mattresses and drinking water. It’s advisable to carry sleeping bags, Jungle boots rain gears as it can rain any time. You may as well carry some glucose and climbing sticks. Dark shades are important at higher altitude when close to the glaciers. You will be guided back and transferred to Kampala/Entebbe for your outbound flight back to home. When to go:
Dry season periods are best between June to September and December & March.

Ground transport and fuel, Guides & driver fee (English speaking), Hiking fee and Accommodation
in the park and Meals on the safari.

Tipping of park hotel staff, Cigarettes & drinks (spirits, wines, beers e.t.c), Accommodation
in Kampala, laundry services and Telephone services.
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